Wu Cuiyu and her Sisters' Cooperatives

Wu Cuiyu leads the Shanghai Women’s Experimental Correspondence Training Institute, is a school for ordinary women, under the guidance of the pedagogical philosophy of Chinese educationalist, Tao Xinghe. Throughout the 14 years since it was established in June 1994, the school has organised free technical training in over 20 specialities for approximately 20 000 poor women trainees from Jiangxi and Shaanxi provinces and from the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

8 April 2009

By Gung Ho - ICCIC

It has also helped establish 15 cooperatives among the Shanghai trainees. Those cooperatives are a way to develop home-based industries and thus solve employment and income problems for many laid off women workers and poor rural women.

Since the year 2000, the institute has helped laid off women workers from Shanghai’s urban area, the wives of migrant workers from inside China, and ex-farmers from the Shanghai suburbs who have left agriculture, to find a path towards employment based on home-made handicrafts. In order to do this, the institute has dedicated a significant amount of time and resources to organise training sessions in different handicraft techniques based on the Gung Ho cooperative principles of “working hard, working together, cooperating in solidarity, becoming well-off together”.

It has helped organise one cooperative after the other, allowing many trainees to give full play to their talents, raise their income, and enjoy the situation in which “each person is a master, each one is a boss”.

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