Young people working together: when how you make something becomes an essential ingredient of the whole

"Working together for a cooperative future", is a video which has been made collaboratively by young cooperators from 9 countries worldwide with the aim of showing why people, especially the young, are cooperating. Four months after its launch, a year since the project began to take shape and after being translated into English and Spanish, we once again had a chat with them.

4 March 2016

They believe that collaborative work is essential to run their business: the way in which they have worked together and participated in this video follows the same logic as far as they are concerned.

Whilst in Brazil, cooperators from Design Possivel highlight the unity, the fun and the commitment they felt when participating in this global video, in Spain it was a mixture of excitement, giddiness and pride "by participating with organizations around the world, creating a unique video", in the words of the worker cooperative Agresta, which specializes in consulting and forestry engineering.

"We are committed to active participation in cultural and political initiatives inside and outside Design Possivel to reinforce the solidarity economy message", highlights Isadora Candian dos Santos. The cooperative’s involvement in the video is a further expression of this belief.

It was a great teamwork experience. We were excited to work together on making the video with the aim of promoting and telling other young people the story of our cooperative, who we are, what we do and why we do it. A project we believe in and to which we are committed”, says Licia Susanna Correggioli from the Italian social cooperative Con le nostre mani.

The strength of its integration, the group’s mystique and teamwork are values underlined by the cooperative Bases in Argentina, whilst it also highlights the video making process: "it is very important to work in a collaborative manner to discover how it becomes a video created by a group of young cooperators. It is an example we must follow: from the local level to a global integrated movement. The experience fosters solidarity and the democratic spirit of the cooperative movement", says the President Carlos Leiggener.

“Participation in the project enabled us to clearly understand that we have many global friends who are trying to solve similar problems through the same method, by the creation of a worker or a social cooperative”, say the members of AGURIĪN in Japan, a social cooperative that produces renewable energy from used cooking oil. “This was a wonderful experience for us; it allowed us to have a real feeling that there is actually a well-organized global network of worker cooperatives, to which we belong”, they conclude.

The video was created collaboratively from the beginning by organizations that represent worker, social and producers’ cooperatives and the cooperatives that got involved in this project, from the filming to the editing process. “It was amazing how we all had input in the video. It was so much fun. It showed us how strong and united we are”, says the Ugu Coop Produce in South Africa, a cooperative that works in the agricultural sector in the Natal region and produces organic vegetables.

CICOPA and its regional organization in Europe and Mercosur: CECOP-CICOPA Europe and CICOPA Mercosur have produced, with the support of Cooperar, the Cooperative Confederation of the Republic of Argentina, a video that gives the floor to young cooperators in 9 countries around the world.

- Spanish version available here
- English version available here

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