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Jan - April 2017
SPECIAL DOSSIER > Cooperatives' contribution to sustainable tourism

Cooperatives: a source of inspiration for a more responsible and people-centred tourism

Today, tourism represents 10% of the global GDP and represents 1 in 11 jobs. Since the UN declared 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, the first Work Together special dossier issue is dedicated to the analysis of how cooperatives, thanks to their enterprise model, represent an important opportunity for developing local economies through a sustainable approach, as well as a source of inspiration for a more responsible and people-centred tourism. Read more

Moving forward to a destinations-centred COOPROUTE

Several cooperatives across Europe are offering a sustainable and innovative tourism experience. Cooproute groups together cooperatives and museums all around Europe: they preserve local cultural and industrial heritage while promoting the history and values of the cooperative movement. Having accompanied Cooproute in its launch phase and during its follow-up period, CECOP has now passed on the baton to a new coordinating team for the future management of the itinerary. Read more

Promoting community-based rural tourism in Costa Rica

Over the last 19 years, the National Network of Cooperatives in Ecotourism, has set up a model for local development that utilizes community-based rural tourism as the economic trigger for its geographic area in Costa Rica. The aim of this cooperative consortium is to improve the life of rural community members by developing non-traditional tourism products, by promoting rural tourism and integrating the livelihoods of each cooperative. Read more

A former ochre factory to gather the region around color

Ôkhra is located in a former ochre factory built in 1921 which stopped production in 1963. Ôkhra renovated in 1994 and in 2005 changed its status to become a cooperative grouping different stakeholders: local bodies, workers, users, etc. Today, the cooperative has 41 worker-members and producer-members and others 248 cooperators (companies, artisans, clients, suppliers, volunteers and local authorities). Read more

Social tourism on the Italian Ionian coast

The Fratello sole social cooperative was created at the end of the 1970s following the introduction of the Basaglia reform which radically changed care services provided to people suffering from mental health issues and led to the closure of mental health institutes. Fratello Sole decided to play a leading role in a process aimed also to help people to find employment and become independent within a large hotel structure on the Italian Ionian coast in Policoro, Basilicata, called l’Oasi d’Oriente. Read more

Exploring Argentina through a ‘cooperative route’

Inspired by Cooproute, the Ruta Argentina de Cooperativas was launched in 2016 and has so far published the details of sixty cooperatives on its website. What is the aim? To demonstrate the economic, social, and cultural contribution cooperatives have made across the country in order to raise the profile of little-known aspects of its heritage. Read more

Towns reinventing themselves with cooperative tourism

Pipinas, a town with a population of less than 1,000, was founded in 1913 when a cement works, which was hugely important for Argentinian national industry was established. After it closed the town was forgotten until a group of inhabitants managed to reconstruct the city through the ‘Pipinas Viva’ worker cooperative and to restore the community-based hotel. Read more

A youth cooperative is using dinosaur tracks to attract tourists to Lesotho

The local community of Hasimone, in the Leribe District of North East Lesotho, found sets of dinosaur footprints near their community and decided to create a cooperative in 2007 to encourage people to visit these prehistoric remains. The cooperative has around twelve members, mainly young people, who provide guided tours of the footprints and produce handicrafts to sell, such as moulds of the dinosaur footprints, jewellery and artwork. Read more

Offering sail trips as a way to improve life skills, knowledge and attitudes

For these cooperators navigating is more than a transportation system. Based in Chichester and stablished on 2009, the Sail Boat Project is a worker cooperative providing a range of learning activities based around sailing. Aimed to widen access to the sea, offering sail training onboard, navigation training on land... Read more

european news section

Cooperatives’ ability to provide sustainable employment should inspire the future of work

Cooperatives in industry and services marked International Workers’ Day by reiterating once again that they can be one of the tools that will make it possible to safeguard sustainable employment by applying an equal distribution of work and wealth. They should be recognised, especially considering the level of work they generate in representing 9% of the world’s employed population, according to the soon to be released CICOPA study, ‘Cooperatives and Employment: Second Global Report’. Read more

19 - 22/10: Social Cooperatives International School 2017 in Naples

The School, which has a highly entrepreneurial profile and an international spirit, is open to social cooperators from all over the world and is specifically aimed at managers of cooperatives. The 2016 edition was a great success and a unique opportunity for discussion and dialogue between 30 cooperative managers from Italy, Japan, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Slovenia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Turkey. Read more

Global survey on youth cooperative entrepreneurship: answer before 26 May!

As part of the 'WE OWN IT! The future of work is ours' campaign, CICOPA has opened an online survey until Friday 26 May for young people involved in worker cooperatives, social cooperatives and producers' cooperatives. The information collected will feed into a global study on trends among young people in establishing and being part of cooperatives. Read more

INCLUSION: Theme of the 2017 International Day of Cooperatives

Cooperators around the world will celebrate on 1 July 2017 the United Nations International Day of Cooperatives under the theme INCLUSION. Selected by the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC), inclusion not only captures the people-focused nature of cooperative enterprises, but also echoes the cooperative principles of voluntary and open membership, democratic member control and member economic participation. Read more

european news section
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Time to bring a halt to austerity programmes : investment is required to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights

CECOP welcomes the European Commission Social Pillar package, which represents a firm commitment for a more social, inclusive and fairer Union : it was high time ! Since they are the expression of workers’, citizens’ and community needs, cooperatives in industry and services across the EU contribute to a competitive economy, aiming at full employment and social progress and, as such, are perfect allies for its implementation. Read more

A future of Europe that cares for the real economy, sustainable development and social justice

As the European Union is celebrating 60 years, cooperatives in industry and services wish to call on the need for a new Europe that again cares for the real economy, sustainable development and social justice. Over the years cooperatives have demonstrated their ability to weather successive crises and to protect jobs, whilst at the same time being one of the few forms of companies which still able to offer investment opportunities and growth for young people. Read more

Artigo 14, a legal cooperative that shows people another way

Cooperating, working together, taking on projects with friends, and joining forces is a great option. It certainly has been for three members of a Galician legal cooperative in Spain, Artigo 14, and for many other cooperatives for young people, who have chosen the business model to start businesses and escape precarious employment. Read more

Cooperatives’ potential in providing decent work in Europe

How cooperatives are responding to the challenges of the future of work was analysed at a workshop organized by CECOP in Malta on 26 April. It emerged that our cooperative sector constitutes the core of this work experimentation and is concretely dealing with leading issues such as the reemergence of the informal economy, the management of platforms against “uberization” and refugees’ work. Read more

Great success of the Sixth European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

More than 100 exhibitors from a total of 16 countries, including Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Rumania and Turkey participated in the European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). It was inaugurated by the President of Bulgaria, Rumen Radev, showing a strong support for the development of the social economy. Read more

South America news section
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Workers buyouts from all around the globe to meet at the VI International Gathering of “The Workers’ Economy” in Argentina

Organisers are inviting all workers from bought-out and self-managed enterprises, cooperatives and social and popular economy organizations, as well as trade unions and academics interested in, and committed to, self-management practices and the project of a new workers' economy. Read more

Colombian cooperatives rally the international cooperative movement to show support for those affected by the Mocoa disaster

The Colombian cooperative movement is asking to show support for those affected by the Mocoa disaster. A relief fund, which will go towards helping cooperatives resident in Mocoa, will give support to the cooperatives, helping them return to normality, and will guarantee help reaches thousands of members and their families. Read more

North America news section

27 years answering to economic development needs within the aboriginal community

Neechi‘s success to date shows that economic opportunities can be created amidst tough social circumstances. They are located in one of the most economically depressed neighbourhoods in Canada and yet it is the largest employer of indigenous people in Manitoba in retail/wholesale with over 45 staff, 16 being worker members. Read more

Africa news section

How cooperatives in Africa can help embrace the Sustainable Development Goals?

Cooperative from all around Africa will meet from 23 to 26 May in Casablanca at the Alliance Africa cooperative leaders Forum and Cooperative Ministerial Conference Midterm Review to deliberate on how they can address best the first global goal ‘Propelling Cooperatives in Africa to End Poverty’ through repositioning cooperatives in Africa to address issues of climate change and take advantage of the strategic partnerships in existence. Read more

Asia news section

The role of cooperatives in the transition from the informal economy to formal economy

CICOPA took the floor in the 10th Asia Pacific Cooperative Ministers’ Conference, ‘Visioning Ahead to 2030’ to share the experience of cooperatives in general, and in industry and services in particular, on the transition from the informal economy to the formal economy, including more modern forms such as IT platforms, and presented the preliminary results of the soon to be released second global report on cooperatives and employment. Read more

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