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Work together newsletter of CICOPA
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August/ September/ October  2013 

The global cooperative movement meets in South Africa


The global meeting of the cooperative movement is approaching. It will be held in South Africa during the week of 1-5 November 2013. The International Cooperative Alliance Conference “A Cooperative Decade in Action” will discuss in depth some of the main challenges which today’s world is encountering in this decade. CICOPA is organizing, together with the International Health Cooperative Organisation (IHCO), the thematic session on “Access to Community Services” on 3 November, with the participation of a third sector, ICA-Housing. Read more

CICOPA is testing a new “social media” website for cooperatives to be launched in autumn

CICOPA has decided to launch a platform for its members. Indeed, Coospace will be exclusively dedicated to CICOPA and CECOP’s direct or indirect members (cooperative confederation, federations, enterprises, support organisations etc.). It will work as a social media website organized by sector of activities or by region. Its users will run their own profile and will be able to post requests of any kindRead more

The CECOP Publishing House celebrates its 5th anniversary: a source of cooperative knowledge

CECOP has been a publishing house since 2008. The number of publications to this day certainly remains modest; however the quality of the research and analysis work contributes to its exceptional character. This particular style is also applied by CECOP publications to themes addressed in its work, that no other organization could explain so well, owing to an area of expertise in this area: the links between worker-owned enterprises, legislation, economy and work. Read more

european news section
This section has been edited by CECOP – CICOPA Europe

The European Parliament pinpoints the contribution of cooperatives to overcoming the crisis

The European Parliament approved in plenary session the report on the contribution of cooperatives active in industry and services to overcome the crisis presented by the Italian MEP from the group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D) and Vice-President of the Commission for Industry, Research and Energy, Patrizia Toia. Read more

European Commission launches the new working group “Fostering cooperatives’ potential to generate smart growth”

A new working group has been launched by the European Commission together with cooperative representatives from all around Europe. CECOP – CICOPA Europe was among the European-level organisations invited to participate on the initial meeting of the working group “Fostering cooperatives’ potential to generate smart growth”, upon the initiative of the DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission.  Read more

Going all over Europe following a European tour of cooperative culture  

CECOP has just launched a new European project aiming at the design of transnational product in the field of cultural and industrial tourism: an innovative itinerary going through various European countries. This route will be composed by cooperatives which are deeply rooted in the local territory, especially those run by young people,  whose economic activities contribute to preserve the traditional local skills and products and develop a material and immaterial cultural heritage.Read more

Cooperative financial tools: contributing to the long-term development and wealth generation

CECOP has welcomed the European Commission’s Green Paper and consultation on long-term financing of the European economy since cooperative enterprises of its network naturally contribute to the long-term development and wealth generation perspective, in particular according with the 3rd cooperative principle. Its purpose is to start a broad debate about how to foster the supply of long-term financing and how to improve and diversify the system of financial intermediation for long-term investment in Europe. Read more

A new guide about business transfers to employees in the UK

« Simply Buyout » is a guide to promote and develop business transfers to employees addressed to owners, professional advisers and employees in the UK. It is jointly published by: Co-operatives UK, the body that unites cooperative enterprises in the UK, the Wales Co-operative Centre, Co-operative Development Scotland, and Preston City Council. Read more

South America news section

The book “Capital and the Debt Trap” focus on cooperatives, available in Spanish

“El capital y la trampa de la deuda” (the Spanish version of “Capital and the Debt Trap”) by Claudia Sanchez Bajo and Bruno Roelants is now also available also in Spanish. It is also being translated into Chinese. Overlooked by many, cooperatives business across the world have been relatively resilient throughout the crisis. Through four case studies, this book explores their strategies, providing an in-depth analysis within a broader debate on wealth generation and a sustainable future. Read more

North America news section

Green light for creation of a new bilingual Canadian association

Delegates from Canada’s two national cooperative associations have voted strongly in favour of creating a single bilingual organization to represent cooperatives, credit unions and mutual insurance companies in every region of Canada . The decision is considered historic because it brings together English and French speaking cooperators, who have been largely divided along linguistic lines since the birth of the Canadian cooperative movement in the 19th century. Read more

Food processor forms worker cooperatives to maintain role in local food system 

When Rosenberg and Holland decided it was time free up more time in their lives by expanding the ownership, they concluded that a worker-owned cooperative could best maintain the businesses as a keystone of the local food economy while continuing its reputation for excellence. Giving workers an ownership stake in the business would provide a strong incentive to help ensure that its outstanding work force would stay with Real Pickles. Read more

Central America & the Caribbean news section

Cuba: the first cooperatives in industry and services

124 cooperatives recently became operative in various sectors in Cuba. 25 of them are active in the sectors of construction, transport and waste collection. Until recently, cooperative enterprises were active only in the field of agriculture in Cuba. Read more

Africa news section

Recycling in South Africa, the cooperative way

Twanano is a worker-owned cooperative located in Ivory Park, about 40 minutes from South Africa’s largest city, Johannesburg. It was created in 2000 by 7 brave women and registered in 2003. With help and training from Phumani Paper Making Project, they now recycle paper and use it to produce ornamental paper sculptures as well as gift packaging and office stationary. Read more

Asia news section

Japan: 17 new cooperatives created in the disaster-hit areas

It is almost two and a half years, and little is heard about reconstruction work in Tohoku, even in Japan, despite the fact that reconstruction is far from complete. However, 17 new worker cooperatives have been created since the terrible earthquake and tsunami in one of the most affected regions by the earthquake in Japan. Read more

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