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The North American daily newspaper The New...

The North American daily newspaper The New York Times has published a thorough article on business transfer to employees. It deeply analyses the story of the Editoriale Zanardi, an artisanal printing company located in Northern Italy and transformed into a ‪‎worker cooperative in 2014. The news reflects how cooperatives can save jobs and know-how, showing the resilience of those enterprises in (...)

Rebecca Kemble has won a seat on the Madison Common Council (US)

Rebecca Kemble, President of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives Board and of CICOPA North America has won a seat on the Madison Common CounciI, the capital city of the state of Wisconsin and is home to one of the highest concentrations of cooperatives in the US.

The impact of cooperatives in their communities will be the topic of the third edition of the International Summit of Cooperatives

The Desjardins group and the International Cooperative Alliance have announced that a third edition of the International Summit of Cooperatives will be held from October 11 to 13, 2016, in Quebec City, Canada. While the first two editions aimed to promote the cooperative business model and raise its profile, the third edition will show the real impact cooperatives have on the local, regional, and world economy by showcasing the actions of cooperatives in their communities. CICOPA (...)

Social needs could increase worker and social cooperatives in China

In China the lack of cooperative legislation has made the reestablishment of cooperatives difficult. Now, apart from the 2006 “Farmers Specialized Cooperatives Law", there is still no legislation on other types of cooperatives nor any basic cooperative law. The government department responsible for enterprise registration does not accept the registration of cooperatives outside farmers' cooperatives because of the absence of any legal basis: as a result, worker cooperatives and social cooperatives are difficult to establish, says professor (...)

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