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The CICOPA network is growing!

In the last year, 3 new members from around the world have joined our network, allowing us to increase our representation in the Asia – Pacific regions and in America. To nowadays, CICOPA affiliates 46 organizations in 30 countries.

Cooperatives, a solution for integrating waste pickers in Turkish waste management chain

On December 20-21 Turkish waste pickers and central and local government officials had the opportunity to discuss how to better streamline and modernize the solid waste management business. They attended the workshop on “Understanding the Role of Waste Pickers and their Cooperatives in Waste Management and Recycling”, organized by the International labour Organisation (ILO) and the Ministry of Customs and Trade in (...)

Challenges for the creation of worker cooperatives by young people in Nigeria

Young people in Nigeria are currently faced with the rising cost of college tuition and a job market which is particularly inhospitable: 15 percent of young people aged 16 to 24 are unemployed, compared to the overall unemployment rate of 7.3 percent. At the same time, interest in entrepreneurship – particularly social entrepreneurship – appears to be growing among young people. Some organizations are emerging that seek to promote youth entrepreneurship as a way to combat poverty. Whilst (...)

Horizontal groups and consortia: an important instrument to support innovation and competitiveness

The grouping among cooperatives can be achieved in different ways: it may start with simple networks and evolve towards consortia (cooperatives of cooperatives), up to larger and more closely-knit groups. They share the characteristic of being horizontal structures that reflect the democratic governance system found in individual cooperatives. The experiences of the MONDRAGON Corporation, the largest business group in the Basque Autonomous Region and the tenth in Spain, and Libera terra ("Freed Land") a consortia of social cooperatives (...)

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