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Seize the opportunity to promote knowledge about the impact of our cooperatives on women’s empowerment!

The International Labour Organization and the International Cooperative Alliance have commissioned a research regarding cooperatives, gender equality and women empowerment. As part of this research an online survey has been launched until February 18, 2015.

A COOPerative marque for all

Today more than 1000 cooperatives in 91 countries have successfully applied to use the global Cooperative Marque showing their pride in being part of a global movement that is a force for good. The International Cooperative Alliance launched the global Cooperative Marque at its Assembly in Cape Town in 2013. The intention was to develop a new visual identity that all cooperatives in all sectors could use alongside their own corporate identity, a logo which would replace the ‘rainbow flag’ (...)

Green Economy and Worker Cooperatives

A report recently published by the Andalusian Federation of Worker Cooperatives (FAECTA) in Spain provide evidence that the green economy offers new business opportunities and job creation for worker cooperatives in this region, including sectors such as sustainable tourism and community services. The study reflects that the philosophy behind the green economy (equitable distribution of wealth, equity and economic justice; intergenerational equity; sustainable production and consumption; (...)

Work Together is out: latest news on cooperatives active in industry and services

The November-December issue of the E-magazine Work Together featuring news of cooperatives within Industry and Services worldwide is out! The brand new campaign "Social needs, cooperative answers" on how cooperatives provide community services, the main inputs of the III Cooperative Summit of the Americas, the re-establishment of the social economy intergroup at the European Parliament, a review on Mercosur’s past, present, and future and an analyse on migrant domestic workers in the Middle East and much (...)

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