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Worker cooperatives, a solution to empower migrant domestic workers in the Middle East?

Arab countries have seen an increase, in mainly female, migrant domestic workers who have become the primary care providers in the household. The lack of a comprehensive governance framework for migrant domestic workers results in an asymmetric working relation between the domestic worker and the employer. This working relation, determined by the kafala (sponsorship) system, is characterized according to the ILO, by an uneven distribution of power whereby the workers have limited or no (...)

Mercosur’s past, present, and future in a developing region

As well as announcing new postings and preparing for the 2015 Work Plan, CICOPA Mercosur is launching a new website with the aim of it becoming a regional reference point for the dissemination, promotion and advocacy of worker cooperatives.

Working together with joint responsibility is essential to strengthening sector specific cooperative networks

"In order to strengthen sector specific cooperative networks everyone involved needs to work together", said Christian Miño, president of Argentina's Confederación Nacional de Cooperativas de Trabajo/CNCT (National Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, in English). Specifically, he was speaking in relation to the signing of an agreement with the Universidad Nacional de Lanús/UNLa (Lanús National University, in English), working towards the creation of strong and sustainable cooperative (...)

Eight construction cooperatives join up to salvage an abandoned building

Cooperating to restore the national heritage. The Red de Construcción Cooperativa (Cooperative Construction Network, in English), made up of 8 members of Argentina's Confederación Nacional de Cooperativas de Trabajo/CNCT (National Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, in English) is renovating a building which will become the future headquarters of Argentina's Instituto Nacional de Asociativismo y Economía social (National Institute of Associativism and Social Economy, in (...)

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