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Sign up for the International Diploma of cooperatives and organizations of social economy and solidarity management

The Andalusian School of Social Economy has opened the registrations for the International Diploma of cooperatives and organizations of Social and Solidarity Economy management until August 29, 2014. This is particularly aimed at cooperative managers in Latin America. The program will be developed in Andalusia (Spain) from 21 September to 9 October 2014. It is a special edition that was originally addressed to representatives of Andalusian social economy, since its inception in 2002, the (...)

United by the mountain range: worker cooperative promotion in Chile

Chile used to be one of the most important areas of development for worker cooperatives, exceeding three thousand companies. During the brutal repression of the dictatorship and decades of neoliberalism, these companies had virtually been destroyed. The worker cooperative movement in the Americas is now taking the first steps to support cooperatives in this country, with the promotion of worker ownership in countries where there is no more collaboration in its wake or where collaboration is (...)

Gender equality and cooperatives in countries of Latin America

The cooperative sector in Latin America has subscribed to the commitment of gender equality, providing a vision of the cooperative movement linked to human and social responsibility towards its workers, according to Verónica Sánchez Olguín, the Gender Equality Representative of the National Cooperative Federation of Diverse Activities of the Republic of Mexico, in her paper: “Gender equality in Mexico and Latin America from the point of view of the development of cooperatives.” This (...)

JOVENMEX: the youth, leaders of the future

It is obvious that the current world is constantly re-inventing itself, technological progress and the continuous professionalisation of administrative processes require increasingly more preparation of human capital to take on the challenges that the economy presents. There are several different alternatives facing with this situation. A shared constant feature that has started to take shape in both developed and emerging countries is the boost that young people have obtained as a key factor in the improvement of their (...)

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