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Supporting community groups to develop renewable energy projects in Australia

The Community Power Agency (CPA) is an Australian worker cooperative in the field of community energy advocacy and development. CPA was set up in 2011 after returning from visiting all shapes and sizes of community energy in the UK, Europe, North America and India. Inspired by the action of other communities, the cooperative was created to support the growth of community-owned renewable energy projects in (...)

Care through cooperatives: answer to the ILO survey

Human care needs are expanding and becoming ever more complex. Today, care work is found in various forms from child care and elderly care, to long term caregiving to people with disabilities and chronic illnesses like HIV and AIDS. With the expansion of care needs, the care economy has enormous potential for employment generation in the coming years-especially for women, as well as other groups often excluded from the labour market. Across the globe, cooperatives have been closely engaged (...)

Intercooperation in North America : the creation of the first worker-owned bakery

The Grain Exchange Worker-owned Co-op in Calgary (Canada) has used a crowdfunding campaign to help launch the first worker-owned bakery in the region. The Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation (CWCF) has for several years sought to replicate the Arizmendi Bakery / Pizzeria Co-ops of the San Francisco Bay Area (USA) in Canada, and it has identified a group in Calgary to do it, recently incorporated as the Grain Exchange Co-op. The cooperative hopes to open the bakery next (...)

The Cooperative model as a tool for shared awareness

The worker cooperative Creando Conciencia (Creating Awareness) was born in the year 2005 in Argentina, upon the initiative of a group of neighbours greatly worried about the final disposal of urban solid waste, the problem of urban garbage collectors ("cartoneros") and the possibility of generating alternatives that could address these problems with social responsibility and sustainability. Based on such concerns, the group began to think about the possibility of designing the process of differentiated waste collection in their own (...)

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