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Colombian cooperativism in state of alert

In recent weeks cooperativism in Colombia has had to confront various attacks from official sources. Whilst article 69 of the National Development Plan (PND), which would have opened the door to allowing health cooperatives to be turned into private profit-making companies, was ultimately cut out on 6th May, only a few days later the Government set alarm bells ringing again. It announced an extension of its takeover of SaludCoop – a cooperative that is owned by 23 cooperatives and solidarity (...)

CICOPA participates in the conference “The Key today: More cooperativism!” in Colombia

From 29th-30th April, around 400 members of cooperatives took part in the conference “The Key today: More cooperativism!”, organised by CICOPA member Ascoop (The Colombian Association of Cooperatives). General Secretary of CICOPA Bruno Roelants spoke at the conference, sharing with the audience how cooperatives contribute to the social development of territories.

Cooperatives active in the construction sector showing the path to the formal economy in Canada

Cooperatives in the construction sector can play a significant role in creating quality employment for individuals who might otherwise be underemployed or working in the informal or underground economy. This is the case for the worker cooperatives Fourth Pig Worker Co-op and Les Constructions Ensemble both active in the construction sector in Canada. The construction sector in many areas of Canada benefits from high demand but is plagued by a tendency for informal work arrangements. A small (...)

Ownership at the workplace: at least 11 million people are worker-members of their cooperative

On the International ‪‎Workers’ Day‬, CICOPA wishes to stress how the democratic participation and control of worker-members reinforce the economic sustainability of the enterprise and its resilience in times of crisis. With the recent transformation of the world economy, this is no longer a marginal model, indeed, according to the results of the study, “Cooperatives and Employment: a global report”, carried out by CICOPA, at least 11 million people worldwide are worker-members, namely at the same time employees and owners of their (...)

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