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The study ‘Cooperatives and Employment: a Global Report’ is available online

Presented for the first time at the International Summit of Cooperatives on 7 October and available now in an electronic version, the study “Cooperatives and Employment: a global report” carried out by CICOPA, the International organization of industrial and service cooperatives, discusses the significance of cooperative employment in the global landscape, both quantitatively and qualitatively. By piecing up together incomplete statistics, CICOPA has been able to find out that cooperative (...)

Worker and Social cooperatives at the heart of the 2014 Cooperative Summit

From October 5 to 9, the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives held in Quebec City, Canada brought together 3,000 participants from 93 countries. Worker and social cooperatives were broadly represented both in institutional terms and with concrete examples from all around the globe. A gathering for worker cooperators was held on October 6th, and CICOPA’s Secretary General, Bruno Roelants, was a panelist at five sessions, including the presentation of a worldwide report and the final (...)

CICOPA Americas: Reaffirming cooperatives’ role in the sustainable development of the planet

The III Cooperative Summit of the Americas will be held in Cartagena, Colombia, from 3-7 November. It will be the II gathering of the General Assembly of CICOPA-Americas since the restructure of the organisation. The focus of the summit will be a call to strengthen our commitment to the active role cooperatives can play in a globalised world seeking sustainable development, and it will also provide a forum for reflection and (...) learn how to launch a collective enterprise

To help people learn more about setting up collective enterprises according to the same principles as worker cooperatives, COCETA, la Confederación Española de Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado (the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, in English) has launched a new web portal: There are three basic guides on the website aimed at encouraging people to set up cooperative business projects: a guide on how to set up a cooperative, a guide on how to write a business plan, and a guide on how to develop and put the (...)

2014 International Summit of Cooperatives
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