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Press release: 2015 International Day of Cooperatives

According to the latest Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report, income inequality has reached record highs. The richest 10% of the population in the OECD now earn 9.6 times the income of the poorest 10%, up from 7:1 in the 1980s and 9:1 in the 2000s1. Tomorrow 4 July, the cooperative movement is celebrating its International Day on the theme “Choose cooperative, choose equality”. Worker and social cooperatives, as enterprises owned by staff members, have the (...)

International Cooperative Alliance president announces her early retirement

The International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) has announced the retirement of its President, Dame Pauline Green to take effect at the close of the ICA’s General Assembly in Antalya, Turkey, on 13 November 2015. Dame Pauline Green, is the first woman president in the 120-year history of the ICA.

First global report on industrial and service cooperatives

The first global biannual report on industrial and service cooperatives (2013-2014) is out. Published by CICOPA provides a picture of this worldwide movement.The close to 65,000 enterprises affiliated to CICOPA member organizations, 95% of them being SMEs, employ over 3 million people. However, there is evidence that this world phenomenon is quantitatively much wider: worker cooperatives, social cooperatives and cooperatives of self-employed producers in industry and services together (...)

Governments, as well as employers’ and workers’ organizations from around the world agree to promote the creation of cooperatives within the framework of the ILO

Cooperatives are widely included in the Conclusions of the ILO Committee on SMEs and Employment Creation. They are mentioned in terms of clustering, networking, value chain and local economic development, as well as service providers to SMEs and sectoral development. This text is the result of the discussions which took place in a dedicated Committee of the 104th Session of the International Labour Conference (ILC) held from 1 to 13 June in (...)

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