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Why become a member of CICOPA?
  • To make your voice heard
  • To play an active role inside the international cooperative movement
  • To contribute and benefit from common knowledge
  • To be always up-to date on last policy developments
  • To strengthen your network capacities
  • To increase the visibility of your organisation
Who can become member?
  • Representative organisations of worker cooperatives, industrial cooperatives, artisan cooperatives, service cooperatives, or social cooperatives, at supra-national, national, or sub-national level.
  • Organisations promoting or willing to promote such cooperatives, be they non-governmental organisations or governmental ones.

All members of CICOPA must be either direct members, or members of members of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA).

Not a member of the ICA yet? You can apply here.

How to become a member?

If you are already member of the ICA, you can apply as:

  • Full member if you are a representative organisation of worker and social cooperatives at supra-national, national or sub-national level;
  • Associate member if you are:
    • An institution whose mission is to support the creation and development of cooperatives in our sector;
    • A sectoral organization of full member organisations;
    • An organization which prevalently represents enterprises that are neither worker cooperatives or social cooperatives, and are characterized by a majority participation of the workers or producers in the management and ownership of the enterprise.

Interested? find out here how to join and contact us at cicopa@cicopa.coop

How much does it cost?

CICOPA membership includes no additional charges, as the cost of membership is already included in the ICA membership package. For a quote contact the International Cooperative Alliance.

Are you a European or American organisation?

Members of CICOPA must also be members of their corresponding CICOPA regional organization. At present, the active CICOPA regional organisations are: