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Uganda MPs recognize cooperatives are key to attain social economic transformation

The Parliament of Uganda recognized the importance of cooperatives as a key actor to attain social economic transformation in the country. A budget for “the revival of cooperatives” should be allocated in 2018/2019.

Cooperatives of Freelancers in Spain

The issue of "freelancers" cooperatives in Spain is a controversial one. Partly because the function and objective of worker cooperatives (democratic governance, solidarity, mutual support, cooperativization of work...) are confused with a series of false cooperatives; that only give the possibility for self-employed to invoice, paying less taxes. A legal loophole that is now in (...)

New Worker Co-op Business Transfer Websites in Canada

The first major result from the agreement between the Canadian Worker Co-op Federation (CWCF) and la Confédération générale des SCOPs in France, the world leaders in worker co-op business succession, is the new website,

Does the future of work really belong to the youth?

On 15 November, CICOPA, the International Co-operative Alliance's sectorial organisation for industry and services, has organised in Kuala Lumpur a workshop called “The future of work is ours!”, one of the key actions under the ongoing WE OWN IT! campaign on youth co-operative entrepreneurship.

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