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Global survey on youth cooperative entrepreneurship: answer before 26 May!

As part of the campaign WE OWN IT! The future of work is ours, CICOPA is launching today an online survey. The information collected will feed into a global study on trends among young people in establishing and being part of worker cooperatives, social cooperatives, producers’/freelancers’ cooperatives as well as new emerging forms. The purpose of the study is to inform and raise awareness about the state of the art of youth cooperative entrepreneurship at the worldwide (...)

INCLUSION: Theme of the 2017 International Day of Cooperatives

Cooperators around the world will celebrate on 1 July 2017 the United Nations International Day of Cooperatives under the theme INCLUSION. Selected by the Committee for the Promotion and Advancement of Cooperatives (COPAC), inclusion not only captures the people-focused nature of cooperative enterprises, but also echoes the cooperative principles of voluntary and open membership, democratic member control and member economic (...)

WE OWN IT! : the campaign on youth coops entrepreneurship

For the past several years, the level of youth unemployment in the world has increased to alarming levels. At the same time, young people around the globe have been expressing increasing dissatisfaction about mainstream economic governance and an increasing interest for cooperatives, in a quest for more democracy and transparency. Cooperatives are a way to own and manage enterprises democratically: everyone's voice is heard and everyone’s wellbeing is considered. WE OWN IT! campaign seeks to (...)

The CICOPA network is growing!

In the last year, 3 new members from around the world have joined our network, allowing us to increase our representation in the Asia – Pacific regions and in America. To nowadays, CICOPA affiliates 46 organizations in 30 countries.

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