CICOPA Annual Congress: highlights

23 Jun 2023

On the 23rd of June, the CICOPA members welcomed two new members to the organisation, they elected a new Board, and re-elected their President. 

On the 23rd of June, CICOPA held its Congress. The event was held entirely online, with our members calling in from all over the world. Hereunder you can find out more about the most interesting topics of the GA: 

Re-election of the President

The members confirmed the re-election of President Iñigo Alibizuri Landazabal (COCETA, Spain), who will be serving a second term. 

Today more than ever, following the multiple crises affecting the world, there is a need for cooperative solutions. Industrial and service cooperatives are a better entrepreneurship model for the workers and the communities. A model that provides democracy at work, better working conditions, and sustainable solutions for emerging needs. I am honored to continue representing this movement, as president of CICOPA, for the next four years.

– Íñigo Albizuri Landazabal, President of CICOPA

Election of the new Board 

Furthermore, the members voted in a new Board, consisting of both familiar faces and new additions.

Following individuals are elected to the Board: 

  • Nobuhiro Furumura (JWCU, Japan) 
  • Janusz Paszkowski (NAUWC, Poland) 
  • Siôn Whellens (Cooperatives UK, United Kingdom) 
  • Esteban Kelly (USFWC, USA) 
  • Olga Pegoraro (AGCI, Italy) 
  • Carlos Acero (CONFECOOP, Colombia) 
  • Myriam Baez Rojas (CONPACOOP, Paraguay) 
  • Hazel Corcoran (CWCF, Canada) 
  • Mirai Chatterjee (SEWA, India)

The members also ratified the Presidents of the regional and subregional organisations as Board Members: 

  • Giuseppe Guerini, CECOP – CICOPA Europe President 
  • Christian Horton, CICOPA Americas President 
  • Daniella Preisler, CICOPA North America President 
  • Nicolas Pelichotti, CICOPA Mercosur President 
  • Osamu Nakano, CICOPA Asia Pacific President 

New members


The CICOPA members approved the accession of two new members to the organisation: from the UK and OZRSS from Poland. CICOPA is pleased to welcome the new organisation on board, and it is looking forward to a great cooperation.