CICOPA welcomes two new members

29 november 2021

During their General Assembly, CICOPA welcomed new members Coop-Cameroon and Rah-e Roshd.

CICOPA has welcomed two members to its network, Coop-Cameroon, and Rah-e Roshd, during the General Assembly that took place in Seoul, Korea on the 29th of November 2021.


Cameroon Cooperatives Alliance (Coop-Cameroon) is the national apex of the Cameroonian cooperative movement, whose purpose is to serve for the promotion of the cooperative business model in Cameroon, Central Africa, and the OHADA space.

The industry and services cooperatives in Cameroon are made up mainly of: agro-industrial cooperatives, artisans’ cooperatives, including mining production cooperatives, health, and service provision (tourism, education, community care, security) cooperatives, digital economy cooperatives, and soon motorbike taxi cooperatives.

Coop-Cameroon’s main mission is to promote the cooperative model all over the 300+ provinces of Cameroon.

Coop-Cameroon is joining CICOPA as a full member.

Rah-e Roshd

The Rah-e Roshd cooperative, is an Iranian educational cooperative.

It was created in the decade following the Iranian revolution in 1979, by seven female teachers, who wanted to provide an answer to the need for education of the community.

Today, Rah-e Roshd has six educational stations, a cultural institution, and a consulting station where many employees have joined the cooperative. The currently have 238 members, and most of them are working in the cooperative. The key of the Rah-e Roshd cooperative is the resilience of the internal structure which is a worker cooperative.

Rah-e Roshd is joining CICOPA as an associate member.

CICOPA looks forward to working together in the promotion of worker and social cooperatives in these two counties and welcomes its new members onboard!