IVEY CASES on Business Management include a case study on worker cooperatives and CICOPA

Ivey Publishing, of the Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation, is leader in providing business case studies worldwide. The 2017 article and teaching material mention CICOPA several times, can be utilized in group work, training and teaching, and is fun! It highlights issues of growth through diversification and the need for conflict resolution tools in cooperatives in general and worker cooperatives in particular.

Classroom tested, developed with funding support from both the Manitoba Cooperative Promotion Board and the Centre for the Study of Cooperatives at the University of Saskatchewan, it has also been used as template in a call for new case studies. Its authors are Claudia Sanchez Bajo, Jamie Campbell, Kaye Grant and Nora Russell.

CICOPA invites you to read and use the remarkable FEDORE case study, and, in the way, help our cooperative sector become a featured Ivey case!

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Here some further information including price, main target audience, key focus and setting:

In December 2009, Fedore Cooperative, a worker cooperative in a major city in Western Canada, was at a critical juncture. A general meeting comprising all members had been convened to resolve conflicts that had been brewing for some time and threatening the survival of the business. Unfortunately, there was fundamental disagreement and Fedore’s future was at risk. The question was how to present the issues so that Fedore’s members could agree about how to work their way through the problem and find a solution.

Issues: mediation, diversification, cooperatives 
Disciplines: Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behaviour/Leadership 
Industries: Retail Trade 
Setting: Canada, Small, 2009
Intended Level: Undergraduate/MBA
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