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Colombian cooperatives rally the international cooperative movement to show support for those affected by the Mocoa disaster

6 April 2017

The Confederación de Cooperativas de Colombia – Confecoop (the Colombian Federation of Cooperatives, in English) asks the cooperative movement to show support for those affected by the Mocoa disaster. A relief fund, which will go towards helping cooperatives resident in Mocoa, will give support to the cooperatives, helping them return to normality, and will guarantee help reaches thousands of members and their families.

The fund aims to guarantee stability and permanence to the region’s cooperatives, of which more than 14,000 people are members. Once the crisis caused by the landslide has been overcome it will be time to assess the situation of the cooperatives, and, depending on the donations received, establish appropriate programmes and take effective action.
The purpose of this sectoral integration initiative is that once the emergency stage has passed we will be able to take effective actions that will have an impact in both the medium and long-term on cooperatives in Mocoa and Putumayo. In the midst of the tragedy, worker cooperatives who work in road maintenance (shown in the photo) are helping with the job of removing debris and cleaning up the affected areas.

More information about how to donate and Confecoop’s full statement here.

Ascoop, our other Colombian member, has put the relief campaign in place to help cooperative members of its associate Coomegop who have been hit by the Mocoa disaster. More information and bank details at