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CoopBiciclot is getting bigger through the creation of Can Picó

02 May 2016

Biciclot, which is a member of the Cooproute and is a bike recycling cooperative that works with people in need and offers bike tours for groups of 4 to 40 people in Barcelona, is getting bigger, thanks to the City Council support.

The Ada Colau Administration is focusing one of its main social economy and bike related projects in the city around Biciclot. The intention is to build Can Picó, a bicycle “Hub”, as it is called, with an initial fund of 200, 000 Euros. Part of the money will be used to renovate the building and once this work has been completed the newly renovated premises will provide bike-related services, courses (for example on repairing bikes), a school for instructors and a shop which will sell recycled bike products.

Part of the “Hub” will also host the Observatory of Bikes in Barcelona, whilst the remaining space will be dedicated to social and solidarity economy activities. One of the things they will offer will be a “co-working-social” space.