Work Together (Archive)

Coops in the creative industries I August 2016

Work Together Archive of the Edition: “Coops in the creative industries” from August 2016

Reader’s note: This is an archive with working links of the Work Together Edition sent in 2016.

If you wish to see the original display you may find it here. (Please note links are broken).

Collective ownership, decision making and control at the service of creativity

Uruguayan cooperative unites over 1000 unites

Cooperatives, journalism, and freedom of expression in Spain

Brazil: Solidarity an creativity march on in spite of the crisis

Newspaper Tiempo Argentino goes for self-management

The women of Bobo Dioulasso(Burkina Faso) are recycling waste and turning it into useful products as part of a project set up by the Gafreh cooperative


CICOPA is organizing the sectoral workshop “Cooperatives in industry, services, and energy: how to address the SME dimension, now and tomorrow?” at the International Summit of Cooperatives (Quebec, 11-14 October)

Industrial and service cooperatives: essential allies to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The ILO shows the achievements of the Recommendation No.193, one of the most important policy instruments for cooperatives

European news section – This section has been built with CECOP and CICOPA Europe

Cooperatives in industry and services share their expertise for the design of the EC Start Up Initiative

Elections: Giuseppe Guerini new President of CECOP

First Greek law covering both social cooperatives and worker cooperatives to be discussed soon at the national parliament

Last year 8,533 first jobs were created in new cooperatives in Spain

Italy has adopted a reform of the third sector which introduces significant new developments

Worker, social and producers’ cooperatives, a way to fight social exclusion for young people?

South America news section

Worker cooperatives join forces with other organisations to create hubs for collective consumption

North America news section

The challenges of replicating a replication strategy: from the US to Canada

African news section

Anou: the Moroccan cooperative which is placing technology at the service of handicraft

Asian news section

Health and Care cooperatives in Japan


Resource, the Australian cooperative which recycles (almost) everything and creates decent jobs