Work Together (Archive)

How cooperatives in Africa can help embrace the Sustainable Development Goals?

3 May 2017

Cooperative from all around Africa will meet from 23 to 26 May in Casablanca at the Alliance Africa cooperative leaders Forum and Cooperative Ministerial Conference Midterm Review to deliberate on how they can address best the first global goal ‘Propelling Cooperatives in Africa to End Poverty’ through repositioning cooperatives in Africa to address issues of climate change and take advantage of the strategic partnerships in existence.

The theme for this year is a culmination of a series of discussion cooperative in Africa had since 2014, and more specifically the profound one of 2016 which was focused on Cooperatives in Africa Embracing Sustainable Development Goals. The idea was to unpack on a more general level, and raise awareness on what the SDGs are, and how cooperatives should wholly embrace these Goals and work, together with other stakeholders, towards achieving them.

More information and registrations here.