Work Together (Archive)

It’s the cooperative month in the United States!

Since 1930, cooperatives across the United States have celebrated the cooperative month in October. This year 20,000 cooperatives will convene to reflect on the ways in which cooperatives are building better businesses and communities.

12 October 2015

The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives is also celebrating it. They have seized the opportunity to launch their SustainUSFWC campaign. Essentially, they wish for everyone to join them and become sustainer members in order to help them expand their work this upcoming year. Being a sustainer member implies providing the movement with grassroots revenues that allow them to promote worker ownership at events across the country, to develop new member benefits, offer worker-owner training series, and much more!

The National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International (NCBA CLUSA) shared the results of the first public opinion survey on cooperatives, in more than a decade, in May 2015. This survey also reveals that although most people have little knowledge of the cooperative model, they have a positive outlook on the latter. The positive results of this survey make this year’s cooperative month even more special. In co-optober, name of the cooperative month, the cooperative network will come together to celebrate the work carried out by cooperatives across the United States.

Happy Cooperative month to all US cooperatives!