Work Together (Archive)

The transition towards the formal Economy

Reader’s note: This is an archive with working links of the Work Together Edition sent in 2015.

If you wish to see the original display you may find it here. (Please note links are broken).

The role of cooperatives in the transition towards the formal economy

Immigrant cooperatives in cleaning and care services in New York

The Uganda Shoe-shiners Industrial Cooperative Society

Cooperatives active in the construction sector showing the path to the formal economy in Canada

WIEGO: securing livelihoods for the working poor in the informal economy


Ownership at the workplace: at least 11 million people are worker-members of their cooperatives

The North American daily newspaper The New York Times dedicates an article to workers’ buyouts in Europe

The impact of cooperatives in their communities will be the topic of the third edition of the International Summit of Cooperatives


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The cooperative view of the Expo Milano kick starts with the stories of workers’ buyouts in Europe

How can worker cooperatives inspire Croatian economy?

On air : the European Young Cooperators Network has been officially launched

The Spanish social cooperative La Fageda winner of the 2015 Employment for All awards

More young leaders in worker and social cooperatives than in conventional enterprises in France

More than 30,000 visitors attended the Fourth European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship


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Colombian cooperativism in state of alert

Cooperatives as a means of rehabilitating people


Rebecca Kemble has won a seat on the Madison Common Council (US)


The collaborative decision-making tool designed by a worker cooperative