13 July 2021

During their General Assembly, CICOPA welcomed new member MASS-SPECC.

On July 6th, 2021, CICOPA held its annual General Assembly, in which they had the honor to affiliate the Philippine MASS-SPECC as an “Associate member” to its network.


MASS-SPECC Cooperative Development Center is the oldest and largest cooperative federation in the Philippines. Since June 2018, MASS-SPECC has 319 affiliate primary cooperatives of which the majority (64%) are multi-purpose cooperatives, and 26% are savings and credit cooperatives. Among those, 16 are labor service cooperatives. These are cooperatives that provide jobs to its members by providing manpower services to companies in need.

MASS-SPECC provides support services like audit, technical advice, training, and extension services. It also represents the interest of its cooperatives with government and other stakeholders. MASS-SPECC cooperatives come mostly from the region of Mindanao (95%) and a few from the islands of Visayas and Luzon. MASS-SPECC’s area of operation is national in coverage (throughout the Philippines), but consciously focused on the cooperatives in Mindanao.

CICOPA looks forward to working together in the promotion of cooperatives in the industry and services in the Philippines!

For more information on service and industry coops in the Philippines, and Asia, take a look at this study from ICA-AP & CICOPA titled “Cooperatives in industrial service sectors in the Asia-Pacific region”.