Join our session on Platform cooperatives and Labour rights in the digital economy

27 October 2023

Join CICOPA for its parallel event “Platform cooperatives and Labour rights in the digital economy” organised in the context of the European Conference “Social Economy: People , Planet, Action” that will take place in Kursaal Palace in San Sebastian, Social Economy Capital of Spain 2023, on 14 November from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

The objective of our session is to provide the worker cooperatives perspective on why some regulation of the platform work is important, and also the other side of the coin: what is the impact of the lack of regulation on platform cooperatives and cooperatives engaged in platform work.


  • Introduction & welcome words.
    • Inigo Albizuri, President of CICOPA
  • Regulating platform work in Spain and in the EU.
    • Maravillas Espín, Director General for Self-Employment, Social Economy and CSR, Spanish Ministry of Labour and Social Economy
  • Challenges and labour conditions for platform workers.
    • Francesca Martinelli, Centro Studi Doc Foundation, Italy
  • Regulating platform work, the worker cooperatives perspective
    • Diana Dovgan, Secretary General of CICOPA
  • The institutional perspective
    • Uma Rani Amara, Senior Economist, International Labour Organisation 
  • Testimonies from platform cooperatives
    • Nadim Hammami, Robin Food Cooperative, Italy
    • Juan Latorre, Eraman cooperative, Spain
    • Esther Perelló i Piulats, Fasola Cooperative, Spain
  • Testimonies from the rest of the world: Colombia, Argentina and Japan
    • Osamu Nakano, Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union (JWCU), Japan
    • Carlos Ernesto Acero Sánchez, CONFECOOP, Colombia
    • Christian Albero Horton, FECOOTRA and CICOPA Americas, Argentina
  • Q&A
  • Conclusions
    •  Ana Aguirre, President of the ICA Youth Network 

Registration for the participation in person is closed, however you may still attend the event online on Zoom by registering here. Interpretation will be offered in English and Spanish.

Additional information for those who have already registered to the in person to the Conference, do not miss out the DENON ARTEAN Award Cerimony on November 13th at 18:00h with a performance from the COOPERATIVE SYMPHONY . Check out the Conference programme for more information.