Social Cooperatives International School SCIS2019: an “Incredible” 5th edition!

The fifth edition of the Social Cooperatives International School #SCIS2019 comes to an end.

Organized by CICOPA Italian member, Confcooperative Federsolidarietà, in the beautiful city of Naples, the #SCIS2019  allows cooperators from around the world to meet, exchange practices and learn from each other. This year edition attracted 40 entrepreneurs from 8 different countries from 4 continents.

In the framework of the national campaign FuoriPosto for the promotion of social cooperatives active in the work integration of disadvantaged people, the School opened with the event “Incredible Jobs”, where an international panel discussed experiences, policies and strategies to increase the impact of this type of cooperatives.

In the following days, the school explored two very specific issues such as technological innovation and leadership in social cooperatives.

Participants could discuss about how to accompany the change of leadership within a cooperative and how to stimulate participation and creativity of members and workers.

Pablo Ascasibar (Spain) presented the cooperative Agresta a good exemple of how to use innovation by putting into practice the values of the cooperative model to improve forestry area. We also talked about them in our video Working together for a cooperative future.

The heart of the school being itinerant, the social cooperatives of the Region Campania, Spazio X, Parteneapolis, Consorzio CO.RE have opened their doors to host the different sessions of the school, to present their activities and meet the cooperators from all around the world.

“After five editions, SCIS is now a regular appointment for social cooperatives and social enterprises from all over the world! – assures Stefano Granata, President of Confcooperative Federsolidarietà – The constant search for innovative tools to enable matching between social cooperatives around the world makes this event a unique experience. For the next editions we want to inspire international partnerships involving the “alumni” even remotely, launching a competition between international projects.”

See you in 2020!