5th Cooperative Summit of the Americas

Cooperatives of the Americas and The Cooperative Confederation of the Argentine Republic (Cooperar), together with the member organizations of the International Cooperative Alliance in Argentina, invite you to take part in the V Cooperative Summit of the Americas, “Cooperatives at a time of global challenges”, which will take place in the city of Buenos Aires between October 23 and 26, 2018.

The Regional Summits have been held since 2009 with the purpose of reach agreements which are reflected in a Final Statement, aimed at promoting changes that impact co-operative organizations and their communities. This new edition constitutes an effort of the regional cooperative movement to analyze reality, debate proposals and define joint initiatives based on the development of cooperatives as part of the international community.


To strengthen cooperatives as social organizations and as a business modal in order to become actors to promote the defense of the planet and the construction of a financial system at the service of sustainable development, together with the entire social and solidarity economy.


This V Summit invites to work in three thematic areas. Two of them refer to global challenges on which we should build a common vision that boosts the efforts made by each organization: the defense of the planet and the construction of a financial system at the service of sustainable development. The third area proposes a discussion on the new paths of cooperative integration, a debate that looks strategic to strengthen and invigorates our movement. All co-operatives are affected by the environmental crisis, and all can help overcome it. All cooperatives are part or depend on the financial system to meet their objectives. All cooperatives can innovate in integration models, to respond to the challenges that transcend us as an organization.


In the framework of the Summit, our regional organisation CICOPA Americas and member from Argentina Fecootra are organizing on Wednesday 24 a day of meetings and workshops for the worker cooperatives, with a focus on “the global challenges that affect the present and future of the work”. CICOPA President Manuel Mariscal and Secretary General Diana Dovgan will be present and actively take part in the debates.


Further information on the programme will be provided closer to the Summit date so we invite you to revisit this page in the coming weeks: