Work Together (Archive)

Coops & Gender equality | May 2016

Work Together Archive of the Edition: “Coops & Gender equality” from May 2016

Reader’s note: This is an archive with working links of the Work Together Edition sent in 2016.

If you wish to see the original display you may find it here. (Please note links are broken).


Cooperatives enterprises able to achieve full gender equality

Italian cooperatives lead the way in helping workers strike a good work-life balance

The “Koperattiva Għawdxija tal-Bizzilla u Artiġjanat”, a cooperative example of women working together in Gozo (Malta) to improve their lives

Female cooperators still face a glass ceiling

Textile manufacturer Creciendo Juntas: 5 self-managed years

Spanish women feel better and achieve higher positions working in cooperatives


The ILO highlights the role of cooperatives as innovative care service providers

Stiglitz, Kramer, Reich, Radjou, and Rifkin at the International Summit of Cooperatives

European News Section

CoopBiciclot is getting bigger through the creation of Can Picó

Social economy enterprises got together at Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

Responsible Construction Worker Cooperatives in the Construction sector launch their CSR label

Kooperationen is planning its Second Conference on Community-owned Energy Cooperatives in Denmark

South America news section

Texto Puerto Sauce, weaving hope for the community

Cooperative schools help to reform Cuba’s education system

Consumer and worker cooperatives in Argentina are working together in a Web-based Central Purchasing Body

National Carers’ Framework: opportunities and challenges for cooperatives

Africa news section

A step towards cooperative health clinics in Cameroon


A community-led initiative to promote sustainable jobs and provide clean energy solutions in Australia