CICOPA at the ICA Asia Pacific Regional Assembly in Tehran

The ICA Asia Pacific (ICA AP) Regional Assembly as well as the 10th Co-operative Forum and related events were held from November 26-30 in Tehran, Iran. The event was hosted by the Iranian Chamber of Cooperatives. More than 300 delegates from across 18 countries were present. The theme of the 10th Cooperative Forum was “Co-operatives Help Economies become more Resilient and Sustainable” and at the occasion a declaration was adopted.

The Asia Pacific region is very important for CICOPA, knowing that CICOPA has members in China, Japan, Korea, India and Vietnam. CICOPA’s Secretary General, Diana Dovgan, has presented the conclusions from the report on youth cooperative entrepreneurship during the workshop on youth and cooperatives in educational institutions (November 26th). She was also invited to take part in the 10th Women Forum (November 27th) and to address the issue of strengthening resilience by empowering women in cooperatives.

On November 27th, CICOPA has co-organised with ICA AP a development meeting and workshop on industrial and service cooperatives in Asia Pacific region. During the meeting, Hyungsik Eum, CICOPA’s Data Analyst has presented the interim conclusions of the research on exploring work and ownership structures in cooperatives in the Asia Pacific region. The research will be finalized in February 2019. During the meeting were also discussed needs and opportunities for creating a regional network among organisations representing cooperatives in industry and services.

More information about the Regional Assembly and related activities here.