Mondragon Corporation is ranked 11th in list of enterprises that are changing the world

2 October 2020

The worker cooperatives’ group Mondragon Corporation was listed as number 11 as one of the enterprises that are changing the world, according to the newest ranking compiled by Fortune Magazine.  

Mondragon Corporation is  worker cooperatives group in the Basque country (Spain). They were founded in 1956 by a young priest looking to encourage a group of young people to leave the factory where they worked and create their own work organization based on a democracy principle.  

As the ranking in Fortune Magazine describes it, Mondragon had a 12.2-billion-euro revenue in 2019, and it has more than 81,000 employees. Now, it is one of Spain’s largest employersand is the world’s largest group of worker cooperatives. 

The President of CICOPA, and also Head of Institutional Relations at Mondragon, Iñigo Albizuri said: “As we face unprecedented collective challenges, cooperation has become a business superpower! This is not just about Mondragon. This is about another way of doing business. This is about cooperation, so it is about all of us. It is about the cooperative identity so congratulations to all of us!” 

Enterprises like Mondragon show that it is possible to have a multi-million groups who  commits to worker ownership and democracy at work. Hopefully, this will improve the popularization of the worker cooperative model. Congratulations Mondragon! 

Mondragon Corporation is affiliated to CICOPA member COCETA, the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives.