Work Together (Archive)

Our Contribution to Sustainable Tourism I April 2017

Work Together Archive of the Edition: “Our Contribution to Sutainable Tourism” from April 2017

Reader’s note: This is an archive with working links of the Work Together Edition sent in 2017.

If you wish to see the original display you may find it here. (Please note links are broken).

Cooperatives: a source of inspiration for a more responsible and people-centred tourism

Moving forward to a destinations-centred COOPROUTE

Promoting community-based rural tourism in Costa Rica

A former ochre factory to gather the region around color

Social tourism on the Italian Ionian coast

Exploring Argentina through a ‘cooperative route’

Towns reinventing themselves with cooperative tourism

A youth cooperative is using dinosaur tracks to attract tourists to Lesotho

Offering sail trips as a way to improve life skills, knowledge and attitudes


International Workers’ Day: Cooperatives’ ability to provide sustainable employment should inspire the future of work

INCLUSION:Theme of the 2017 International Day of Cooperatives

European news section

Time to bring a halt to austerity programmes: investment is required to implement the European Pillar of Social Rights

A future of Europe that cares for the real economy, sustainable development and social justice

Artigo 14, a legal cooperative that shows people another way

Great success of the Sixth European Forum on Social Entrepreneurship

South America news section

Workers buyouts from all around the globe to meet at the VI International Gathering of the “The Workers’ Economy” in Argentina

Colombian cooperatives rally the international cooperative movement to show support for those affected by the Mocoa disaster

North America news section

27 years answering to economic development needs within the aboriginal community

Africa news section

How cooperatives in Africa can help embrace the Sustainable Development Goals?

Asia news section

What is the potential of cooperatives in the Asia Pacific region for sustainable development?